50% off NUBU CBD Infused Mānuka Honey

NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey blends premium quality New Zealand Mānuka honey with hemp-derived THC-free Hemp Extract CBD to create a powerful addition to your daily wellness routine.

NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey 80+ MGO 8.64oz

NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey blends top rate excellent New Zealand Mānuka honey with hemp-derived THC-free Hemp Extract CBD to create a effective addition to your day by day well being routine.

50% off NUBU CBD Infused Mānuka Honey

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Thanks to the patent pending formula – by means of New Zealand’s main Mānuka Honey scientists, each jar consists of 350mg of Hemp Extract CBD infused in 80+ MGO (Methylglyoxal) rated Mānuka Honey. Ensuring a satisfactory and steady trip with each teaspoonful.

Authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey
Hemp-derived EFSA and FSA-verified THC-free CBD that is sourced from the US beneath the Farm Bill 2018
Glyphosate free
Patent pending
Independently examined via a 0.33 birthday celebration lab

To enjoy, really strive including a teaspoon each and every day to warm drinks, or as an ingredient in wholesome cooking like smoothies, breakfasts, baking, or tonics. More suggestion can be determined on our blog

New Zealand Mānuka Honey, Natural Emulsifier (E495), Hemp Extract CBD (Cannabidiol) from aerial components

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey is a monofloral honey produced by way of honeybees in New Zealand from the nectar of the native Mānuka tree, Leptospermum. These bees accumulate the compound DHA from the flora alongside with its nectar. This compound DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) heats up to a best 37C in the our bodies of the bees which converts to the medicinal compound MGO (Methylglyoxal) earlier than being deposited in the hive.

How is this exclusive to different honeys?

Mānuka honey has been throughly studied to have many homes which have been linked with a vary of special well being benefits. There are three key compounds in Mānuka Honey – MGO, DHA, and Leptosperin, with MGO being the most valued compound. The greater the MGO number, the extra is contained in the honey product.

What is the distinction between MGO and UMF?

UMF is a way to measure the complete suite of compounds in Mānuka Honey however solely if the last product has been processed and packaged in New Zealand. Although our Mānuka Honey is licensed New Zealand Mānuka Honey, we are unable to method merchandise with hemp extract CBD in New Zealand so can’t make the UMF claim, however can make the MGO claim. Below is how the two convert:









What is Hemp Extract CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the two energetic elements from the genius hashish sativa. Our CBD is extracted from hemp flowers and typically does now not purpose any intoxicating effects.

Is this a full spectrum CBD?

NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey solely incorporates the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) derived as an isolate compound extracted from hemp. This ensures that our product is one hundred percent THC free and complies with being <0.3% THC. It’s essential to be aware that thru this isolation technique any terpenes as soon as there via the preliminary extraction system have been removed. Using an isolate additionally capacity the honey style is no longer impacted with the aid of any different contributing compounds that should alternate the taste profile.

Why is this system so special?

Our patent pending formula ensures the advantages of each the Mānuka Honey and hemp extract CBD are preserved for its two yr shelf life. Similar merchandise in market may also have each the CBD and MGO degrade as they can oxidise one some other making the honey no longer functional. This notably researched formula used to be performed through NUBU Pharmaceuticals in New Zealand.

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a herbicide used all over the world along with in New Zealand. It works to control a vary of distinct weeds that can intrude with manufacturing on farms, in the bush, orchards and gardens. Roundup is the most acknowledged brand. NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey is assured glyphosate free.

Can this be used topically on the skin?

Yes! Mānuka Honey is the oldest skincare ingredient on record, and have been blanketed in many pores and skin treatments. Cosmetically it is acknowledged as a humectant & has soothing properties. Honey additionally regulates pH of the skin.

Are these merchandise safe?

NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey has been developed with New Zealand’s main Mānuka honey and hemp scientists to make sure the protection and satisfactory of the product. All substances are tested with character certificates of evaluation (COA) prior to production.

Is NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey proper for me?

Our Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey has been made with every day use in mind. We desired to create a product that can without problems be built-in into your each day fitness and well being hobbies barring having to advance any new habits. We additionally desired to make a product that can be use from the interior out, that means NUBU Hemp Extract CBD Infused Mānuka Honey is secure to ingest as properly as follow topically to the skin. If you are looking for a herbal complement that additionally tastes amazing, this is the honey for you!

How can I believe this product is accurate?

Every batch of our honey has been carefully 0.33 celebration examined for accuracy and to make certain it meets our excessive first-rate requirements and that what is on the label is what you are consuming. Access to certificates of evaluation can be found

Our Story
Aotearoa New Zealand is domestic to some of the most special flowers and fauna in the world. Generations of New Zealanders have harnessed its many therapeutic advantages and now NUBU is in addition including to these benefits.
NUBU has been busy refining the information of our ancestors to seize the high-quality attributes of these New Zealand substances and, the usage of current science, augmenting them with cannabinoid extracts.
Everything we do is achieved with care and an unrelenting center of attention on handing over a quality, steady and fun trip for our customers.
NUBU is Nature, Elevated.