15% off Araza natural beauty products

we are now not your mother’s makeup
We accept as true with your pores and skin is flawlessly designed, it simply wishes the proper guide to do its thing. And the proper colour to take your glow to the subsequent level.We are about healing, wholesome beauty. And we make merchandise with wholesome fats, natural plant primarily based elements and minerals that all work collectively to feed and nourish your skin. We play with modern, enjoyable color. We don’t play with traditional make-up ingredients. We’re about splendor that helps your universal well being and conjures up a wholesome and shiny life. This is a new era.

15% off Araza natural beauty products

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Conventional make-up focuses merely on looks, and disregards the fitness have an effect on of hazardous ingredients.
We exist due to the fact it is time that changes. Makeup and skincare need to no longer damage your fitness however as an alternative beautify it and assist you to stay your pleasant wholesome life. Plus we agree with searching suitable and feeling appropriate can be one in the same. We make forward-thinking splendor merchandise with healthful fats, natural plant-based elements and minerals that all work collectively to feed and nourish your skin- whether or not you’re dealing with pores and skin troubles like zits or rosacea, hypersensitive reactions or autoimmune issues, or you’re simply searching for current splendor merchandise that nourish & perform.

Our make-up is the first make-up line in the world to emerge as Paleo Certified.
This capacity that our make-up follows comparable pointers to that of the Paleo Diet. Each product that bears the paleo licensed emblem has gone through a strict auditing system to make sure that it free from legumes, dairy, gluten, grains and something synthetic and harmful. This is necessary for countless reasons. One, it permits for trustworthy transparency of our ingredients, so these people with extreme allergic reactions and autoimmune stipulations comprehend simply what they are placing on their skin. Two, due to the fact it is a truely suitable concept to restriction or keep away from needless environmental toxins on our already confused structures and oh boy does traditional make-up incorporate a total slew of fitness harming and pores and skin detrimental ingredients. Three, it ensures our dedication to deciding on natural complete superfood elements like MCT oil, probiotics and plant based totally components that honestly feed and nourish your skin… now not simply make it seem to be good.

the paleo certification
We are licensed Paleo thru the Paleo Foundation. In order to emerge as certified, The Paleo Foundation audits each product and inspects each ingredient to make sure that the absolute best requirements in the enterprise are being met and that every ingredient is free from soy, dairy, legumes, grains, gluten and something artificial. Not every body is granted permission to undergo this label however these who do, have put a lot of work into incomes it and we are magnificent proud of that!

ingredient sourcing
We consider you must feed your pores and skin comparable to how you eat, via deciding on merchandise made with elements from nature and backed by means of science. All of our elements are a hundred percent Natural and safe. Most are Certified Organic with the aid of the Oregon Tilth Association and USDA. We try to use sustainably sourced and Non-GMO substances in everything. We supply all of our earth minerals from moral sources that do now not use any shape of toddler labor or slavery.

Our name, Araza, comes from a exceptional uncommon fruit grown in South America. The Araza Fruit grows in the jungles of the amazon. Due to it is nutraceutical like residences it has some relatively spectacular pores and skin loving benefits; like reversing the seen symptoms of growing old and boosting collagen production.Highly viewed for its nutraceutical homes like a excessive polyphenol, carotenoid and Vitamin C content material (double that of an orange) we knew we had to get it in our products. We wild select it from the jungles of the amazon (sounds so romantic I know) and it is without delay became it into an extract so that it retains it is pores and skin restoration properties.

1.packed with polyphenols

Polyphenols are a kind of antioxidant. When utilized topically to your skin, research have located that they shield towards ultraviolet radiation. Polyphenols additionally guard in opposition to pores and skin getting older through facilitating pores and skin restore and promotion new pores and skin phone regeneration.

  1. excessive carotenoid content

Specifically, zeinoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, and β-cryptoxanthin, and seasoned diet A (retinol) exercise α-carotene and β-carotene. Applied topically carotenoids have been clinically proven to reverse symptoms of getting older and solar broken pores and skin and expand mobile turnover. They have additionally been proven to guard towards pores and skin cancer. Studies have proved that pores and skin with depleted carotenoid content material appears plenty older than pores and skin with greater stages of carotenoids. Your pores and skin advantages from each topical utility of merchandise with carotenoids and consuming them. Foods with a excessive carotenoid content material consist of spinach,carrots, wintry weather squash and candy potatoes.

  1. excessive awareness of diet c

Araza fruit has twice the quantity of Vitamin C as an orange. Since your physique can’t produce nutrition C with the aid of itself it need to be replenished daily; each topically and via your diet. In skincare, Vitamin C is a effective antioxidant searching down all these free-radicals. It works to brighten, company and clean your skin. It additionally may additionally be really helpful in promotion collagen manufacturing which will lead to extra elastic and superior searching skin. Also, hold in idea this is a herbal supply of nutrition C and now not a lab produced diet C observed in many skincare products.

What do you use to coloration your cosmetics?

We use herbal earth minerals like zinc oxide, iron oxides and mica. We don’t accept as true with in the usage of artificial dyes or colorants in our products.
Do you use covered mica or pure mica? And which merchandise incorporate mica?

We use both, however we make positive the mica is solely lined with protected pigments like iron oxides, carmine and tin oxides. We make positive that there is no chromium oxide green, fd&c colors, or coal tar derived dyes used. Because our merchandise are colored, most of them use mica.
Is your zinc oxide non nano particle?

Yes, the zinc oxide that we use is noncoated, untreated, and non nano particle sized.
What is your vegetable starch derived from?

What is in the imperative oil mixture that some of your merchandise contain?

Certified Organic Raspberry, Key Lime & Tangerine. All are natural and therapeutic grade.
I see you use Coconut Oil in your products. I have heard that Coconut Oil is comedogenic, horrific for your pores and skin and clogs pores. Is this true?
Are there any preservatives in your products?

We use clearly no synthetic preservatives!! We use a herbal choice in our cream merchandise referred to as Lactobacillus Ferment & Lactobacillus & Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract (in short, coconut submit biotic). It’s made just how it sounds…by taking coconut and fermenting it with lactobacillus (non dairy). The consequences produce a effective postbiotic ingredient that acts as a totally herbal preservative stopping the boom of molds, funguses and awful bacteria. It’s why our merchandise are top for atleast 6 months from date of buy however nevertheless comprise solely smooth natural ingredients. This wonderful ingredient additionally has some notably outstanding skincare benefits. For extra information on that, examine our weblog publish Ever heard of coconut postbiotics? Here’s why we commenced the usage of this superfood pores and skin ingredient and so must you.